50320 Saint-Jean-des-Champs
Tél : 02 33 61 31 51 - Fax : 02 33 61 87 27
N°SIRET 41874833100018
E-mail : infos@ferme-hermitiere.com

La Ferme de l´Hermitière
grows an orchard of 6000 apple trees on its lands in the Normandy countryside of “La Manche” . Located between Granville and Villedieu-les-poëles, close from the Mont Saint Michel,it is a family business from father to son since 6 generations !

“The land of l´Hermitière was a propriety of 20 acres in 1785. Near to the farm , there was an apple tree orchard and a vegetable garden …”

We propose to talk to you about all the technical progresses of cider production which were carried out at the farm.Today, we use modern means while preserving the tradition.

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